ACOL, or Atlantic Canada Online is an online service provided by the provincial governments and maintained by UNISYS Inc. I was contracted by the Halifax office of UNISYS Inc. to bring the design of the ACOL systems up to current-day standards — quite an undertaking as the size and the extent of the sites and services had grown substantially since it was first implemented in the late 1990s. The organization of the content and user interface needed a complete overhaul.

I worked directly with a team at UNISYS and a consultant (who was a former employee of UNISYS). We first sorted out what the various services were and how the public and account holders interacted with them online and through other means such as telephone or mail. We then began the task of defining the various users and their pathways, and then structuring the user experiences and interfacing.

After determining user flow,  I created wireframes which then evolved into Photoshop graphic mockups of web page and app layouts for various responsive screens and devices. From these designs, I created HTML/CSS/JQuery frameworks of the pages for the content management system, Drupal, in which the UNISYS developers could populate with dynamically generated content.

The project began in late summer of 2013 and my portion ended in mid 2014.